About Us

The National Nursing Homes Registry KRDO is the first in Poland, independent and publicly available internet search engine, verifying the legality of the business conducted by senior long-term care facilities, such as Social Welfare Homes, private nursing homes, seniors’ homes, family care homes, care and treatment facilities and senior residences.

Entry in the KRDO registry is based on verified data available on the websites of marshal offices as well as information obtained from the National Court Register.

How to use the KRDO registry?

The registry access is completely free and does not require passwords and logins. 

Hovering the cursor (arrow) over the map of Poland allows you to select a voivodeship – and then a county, commune or city from the area where you want to select care facilities.

After selecting, you will see information regarding the chosen care facility.

Data in the KRDO registry is updated once a month.

Do you need support?

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